Thursday, 25 February 2010

New Kits Added Today

I have just finished listing nine new kits on The Craft Pack Company website, from bridal to baby, there are some nice new projects to tempt you. If you would like to take a look at the newst products click HERE

Monday, 22 February 2010

February Maker Profile: Kay Burton

Your website mentions that your career has always centered around you being artistic in some way, were you artistic and creative as a child, did you always know you would work in this way?

Yes, as a child I was always painting and drawing and in my teenage years when I wasn’t drawing, I spent all my spare time designing and making clothes for myself; both dressmaking and knitting.

Why did you decide to channel your creative talents into dolls house and miniatures hobby?

In August 2003 whilst having a boating holiday on the River Thames, that we decided to moor up and visit Windsor Castle. It was here that I saw Queen Mary’s Dolls House, all in 1/12th scale, designed by Sir Edwin Luytens in 1924. I was absolutely blown away by the detail and craftsmanship and in particular the paintings, I immediately wanted to try my hand at painting in miniature and I couldn’t wait to get home and start painting and investigate more about miniature craftsmen and indeed the possible demand. To my delight I discovered the miniature industry was thriving with very many talented people engaged in such a fascinating art form.

How long on average does it take to create a miniature painting?

This really does depend on the subject. If I paint a very tiny picture of a flower say, it may be take me about 15 minutes to paint, plus making the frame. If I’m working on a fairly large reproduction of a great master I can be working on it on and off for days, coming back to it as I see things in it that need altering…..maybe 12 -14 hours in total.When I take on commissions, I try and get them painted within about 3-4 weeks; I don’t enjoy work piling up too much for me, as it kills my creativity. When I have a commission to do it takes me a while to sink into the job in hand, I have to be in the mood to paint it, or it can all go horribly wrong and I have to start again.

Do the paintings always work out first time?

No, if I am under pressure or not in the mood to paint, I sometimes go all wrong and I have to start completely from scratch. It doesn’t happen that often though. If I am painting a commissioned portrait for someone, I occasionally have to make adjustments to please the customer, this, I think, is because I am working from a photo and am not seeing the person in real life.

What are your favourite sort of paintings to create and why?

I like painting cats, purely because I’m a cat lover, but I do enjoy the challenges involved in recreating an old master (particularly a portrait) in miniature. It is fascinating to examine the different brush, form and colour techniques that have been employed over the years during the numerous art movements.

Your website also mentions that you have a keen interest in historical buildings, does this influence your miniature work ?

I just love all things historical and really enjoy visiting buildings when I can. I love to see art that is contemporary with the castle or house I am visiting.I’m not sure that it influences my miniature work greatly, but I suppose my interest helps me to advise customers of the sort of art they should be hanging in there dolls house. If example, have recently painted quite a large painting that was to be hung in a miniature 15th century Scottish castle, in the painting the customer wanted the castle and its occupants depicted in some way and I with my knowledge I was able to create a scene for her.

Apart form the beautiful miniature paintings that you create, what else do you sell from your website?

I like to keep a broad range of paintings in stock to cover all time periods and to appeal to all tastes.
As a cost effective alternative, I produce some high quality framed prints of my paintings along side a really cheap alternative and for the DIY enthusiast, some sheets of themed prints in different sizes/scales and handmade picture frames. The frames I quite often make to order, made to the size the customer requests. Also individual miniature poster prints in three scales 1/12, 1/24, 1/48 for the more modern house setting.
Victorian and Edwardian framed miniature photographs. A small range of Art studio accessories
As a trained textile designer, I’m quite keen to apply my knowledge into the soft furnishing side of things. I’m hoping to produce a huge designer collection of luxury silk cushions and cushion kits and hopefully some coordinating fabrics. Hopefully this area will grow in time, but I’m finding it quite exciting to work on textiles again.
What do you like most about working for yourself and the dolls house hobby?

To be able to work when I choose and the challenges that working in miniature brings. Every day is different, and I have lots of ideas, it is just finding time to put it all into practice.

You can buy the stunning luxury silk cushion kits that Kay creates directly from or  Please visit the Kay Burton website for further interesting reading, DIY items, prints, special miniature paintings and much more.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Sneak Preview....

I have some beautiful new miniature dolls house toiletries kits coming soon. This little range of gorgeous kits could be the perfect addition to your miniature bridal shop, bathroom scene, ladies bedroom and perfume shop. Here is a sneak preview, one of the beautiful designs that will be arriving in stock soon. I’m sure you can think of lots of places you could add this adorable miniature ladies toiletries tray to. I will post details as soon as these are available to purchase.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

New Paper Minis Kits Just In

Click here for paperminis kits

New Paper Minis Kits- In stock today I am so please dot tell you that we have a whopping 15 new kits added to the website today. These wonderful Paper Minis kits are made by my friend Ann Vanture, Ann has chosen The Craft Pack Company to be the exclusive UK stockist . If you have not already tried these kits, you may like to browse through the now crammed section, with everything from boutique kits to toys, household kits and much more. If you have tired them already, you know how good they are, and with 15 new designs there is sure to be something you will like.

Alway selling out fast, its hard to keep up with the demand for these brilliant kits. Visit the craft pack co website ( link opposite or above ) and look under kits- paper minis kits for the full range that we have in stock. If you are looking for a valentines day themed project, there are some brilliant new kits that could be perfect, as pictured here. I love this valentines day kit, I have taken one for me to complete one evening for my Mill Cottage dolls house.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Spanish Miniatures Show

I am so pleased that my new friend Syreeta has told me the great news about her coming miniatures fair this summer. I wish her lots of luck for a busy and well supported show.

Feria De Miniaturas
June 19th and 29th in Andalucia
Hotel Villa Flamenca C/ Andalucia 1

I am so pleased to announce that I am now stocking a pretty range of luxury silk cushions by the British artist Kay Burton. Kay works in miniatures and produces some brilliant miniature paintings as well as these special cushion kits. The cushion kits are for sale on the Craft Pack Company website :

Lily Bouquet Cushion
Kit £4.95

One Miniature Fine Silk Cushion Kit

Plain Rose Pink Back

Finished cushion measuring approx: 3.5 x 3.5cm - 1 3/8 x 1 3/8"
You can view Kay Burtons Website and her other work here ;

New Tray Kit

I’m sitting in the office this week sorting out some of the last few big jobs I have to do, ( before half term) and then it should make things run pretty smoothly over the weeks holiday. I tend to move my working time from during the day to every evening , this usually gives me enough time to keep on top of things at The Craft Pack Company.

I must admit I enjoyed designing some new kits last wee. My personal favourite was the Morning Tray as pictured above. I got so carried away with it, my whole morning vanished, but I do love it, the original sample is sitting here ion my desk. I cant take credit for the adorable mahogany tray, this is a design from McQueenie Miniatures, they make the most wonderful wooden kits , we stock most of the designs but you can view their full range here

The morning tray kit is on the main website under the new products section costing £5.00

New Summer Dress Kit

It still seems like a long time away until summer, but at least your miniatures can have a sunny scene!

Set the summer scene with this attractive three piece miniature dolls house summer wardrobe set. This kit has reusable patterns to make the pretty cotton floral summer dress and matching purse. This super kit also includes the braid flowers and instructions to create the wonderful miniature straw sun hat.

Kit comes complete with fabric, miniature straw braid, flowers, white braid, tiny button for bag front, full instructions, re usable patterns and a colour pack photo.

Visit and look under the new products section