Friday, 11 December 2009

New December AIM Issue Out Now

The new December issue of the free AIM magazine is out now, please visit the website to get all the latest from the AIM team

Thursday, 10 December 2009

New Link

On the AIM website where you can find a monthly miniature magazine download that you can read at home with no cost to you, the website has lots of other information that you may also like:

Being Mom

Well today I am finishing up in the office getting ready for my little girl to finish school for Christmas. I'm sure there are moms and dads, grandmothers, grandpa's and so on all over the world getting ready to have their little people home over Christmas. Anna is 4 years old now, I cant Begin to tell you how excited she is about Santa coming. It is a real treat to see her getting so excited by all the magic,I think it reminds me a lot of when I was little.

Can you remember being Young when the last few days before Christmas seemed to drag and all you wanted was for it to be Christmas day, or when you used to stay awake at night just hoping for a glimpse of the elusive Santa Clause. Magical days that I now have a Chance to re live a little with my daughter, I feel so blessed.

Little Anna breaks up form school tomorrow afternoon, then its a special trip straight down to our local sea front ice cream shop. This is a great place, it is decorated inside like an American rock and roll cafe, the girls dance, they serve huge ice creams, hot dogs and the best coffee. How much ice cream can a little girl eat? More than me I can tell you!

After this weekend I will be getting our home a bit more organised for the holiday season, lots to tidy , sort and de clutter( who doesn't need to de clutter - right?) But for today I must get some little jobs done in the office- dreaming of a tidy house!

Beautiful Boutique Range

Here is a picture of a boutique counter scene made up using the beautiful boutique downloads

New Instant Downloads Online

After weeks and weeks of work the new project downloads section of the website is now ready. This allows you to select and purchase a download from a selection available, at no shipping cost and a lesser price than pre packed kits.

The really great thing about them is that you can use them for your own personal craft as many times as you like, you can buy only one sheet of boutique box patters and print out hundreds! It works out at very good value for money and when ordering only downloads, the postage is free as it comes right to your email account!

Here is a link to the full download section currently available

The is more information on the website news page here:

Another Link To Share

I have just had an email from a lady who would like me to pass on her link. The website is full of information and things to look at, give it a try if you have time to browse through the MINI SHOP

Thursday, 5 November 2009

New Sugar & Spice Project Disc

Available at
Sugar & Spice £8.50 ( print at home disc)

New Project Disc- Sugar & Spice

I am thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand new print at home project disc to the main website. This new disc is called "sugar & spice" the perfect starting point for a miniature bakery or cake shop. I have included a whole extra sheet of print outs on the disc that you don't see in the product photo. There are three sheets of bags, cake boxes, flan boxes etc, all ready for you to print as many as you need, here is a link to the main website and the disc section with the rest of the print at home discs.

Happy Miniature Crafting, Emma

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Dolls House Fair in November

I am pleased to confirm that I will be attending the dolls house fair at Pudsey, Leeds on Saturday November 7th 2009. This brilliant fair is run by Doreen jeffries, my husband and I are both so pleased to be returning for another fantastic day. this is really one of my favourite days of the whole year, I love the people, the stands the hall and of course Doreen and Bob.

Its well worth a visit if you are near by to see some of the quality stands that will be showing on the day. I always look forward to a visit to my next door stand to see my friend Vicky from Secrets, she makes the most adorable ladies items and dressed beds, I have several pieces in my won Mill Cottage.

You can get more information about Leeds show at:

Please Show Your Support

I have an email form a customer who's niece Sarah is doing a 70 MILE sponsored cycle ride from the BBC at Caversham to MoD Headquarters London in aid of Help for Heroes. Any help either by sponsorship or just forwarding their link to anyone you think might help would be much appreciated - Anne

If you can support this worth while cause, please visit the following link:

Thank you :)

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New link To Share

I know you will love this link, through the hard work of my good friend Barbara, well worth a visit, thank you Barbara.

New Miniatures link

I am pleased to include a new link to a miniatures website, Jan's minis is in the UK, Jan's minis offer all sorts of mini treats including some pretty miniature knitted items, a nice site including some free projects to have a look at

Monday, 3 August 2009

Holiday Days

Well little Anna are taking some time off and as of yesterday the office doors are closed. I am so looking forward to some special family days out during the summer holidays here in the UK. Do you ever really get enough quality time with your kids? Looking forward to trying over the coming days that’s for sure.
So looking forward to many days of feeding ducks, nice walks and maybe a trip to the funfair! Fingers crossed we get some nice weather! Back on August 12th.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Here is a link to my favourite place this week, these adorable houses are made by such a nice guy called "Rod Buckingham" from Teapot Cottages. The one of a kind houses that he makes are stunning, its well worth a look for inspiration and to see some really great miniature dolls houses. I love Rods work, so many love and hours go into these little cottages, a thumbs up from me

Welcome to our New Blog Page

Hi everyone, you have either been directed to or stumbled upon the blog page for the Craft Pack Company. I hope to use this space to share with you some of my favourite miniatures, miniature sites, friends and co workers alike. As well as bringing you news and maybe some reviews on some of our new kits as well. So given time, I hope that you will enjoy this page and find out something interesting, a link to a new resource and find inspiration through friendship and sharing though our shared hobby and love, miniatures!

So happy crafting where ever you are in the world, Regards,Emma