Thursday, 10 December 2009

Being Mom

Well today I am finishing up in the office getting ready for my little girl to finish school for Christmas. I'm sure there are moms and dads, grandmothers, grandpa's and so on all over the world getting ready to have their little people home over Christmas. Anna is 4 years old now, I cant Begin to tell you how excited she is about Santa coming. It is a real treat to see her getting so excited by all the magic,I think it reminds me a lot of when I was little.

Can you remember being Young when the last few days before Christmas seemed to drag and all you wanted was for it to be Christmas day, or when you used to stay awake at night just hoping for a glimpse of the elusive Santa Clause. Magical days that I now have a Chance to re live a little with my daughter, I feel so blessed.

Little Anna breaks up form school tomorrow afternoon, then its a special trip straight down to our local sea front ice cream shop. This is a great place, it is decorated inside like an American rock and roll cafe, the girls dance, they serve huge ice creams, hot dogs and the best coffee. How much ice cream can a little girl eat? More than me I can tell you!

After this weekend I will be getting our home a bit more organised for the holiday season, lots to tidy , sort and de clutter( who doesn't need to de clutter - right?) But for today I must get some little jobs done in the office- dreaming of a tidy house!

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